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The area we are located in 9 of the Top 25 Motorcycle rides in the entire USA are within 150 mile radius. Many people for years have gone to our informative Facebook pages and motorcycle travel websites which are part of the new Motorcycle Travel Network, and had a blast during their visit and vacation days riding with friends and loved ones.

Well we now have 25 rides for you to explore, have fun and buy some souvenirs for your man or she cave at home, and tell your friends to check out these rides!

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If your looking for restaurants, cabin rentals, campgrounds, attractions or information on the blue ridge mountains and where to go and what to see check out the Blue Ridge Travel Network

So many people have asked us on our Facebook pages from each ride; Do you have a sticker? Is there a patch of the ride I can buy? Where can I get a souvenir of the ride I was just on a sticker, patch, sign, or t-shirt?

We decided to listen to our riders and do a couple of things for them!

  • Added a bunch of more rides to our network.
  • Created a growing online store to purchase souvenirs.
  • Made all our websites more mobile friendly.
  • Add online maps with places to go and see along the way.
  • Created a map handout at all of our info centers.
  • Created videos of each ride for your enjoyment.
  • At certain dates throughout the year we will be on certain rides taking photos of riders going by and posting them for purchase!
  • If you going to be on one of our rides and want photos taken I will put it on my schedule to be there!
  • If you want any biker photos, group shots, or aerials of your riding also email me at : motorcycletravelnetwork@gmail.com

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I hope you tell all your friends and fellow riders about our websites, purchase some gifts and souvenirs, and most of of "Ride Hard Life Is Short!!!"